Proof of Concept


The visual arts are seemingly underrepresented on the WAX Blockchain, at least compared to Ethereum backed sites like Nifty Gateway, Rarible, and Open Sea. We view that as somewhat of a problem, and are seeking to rectify the situation by turning the Crypto Swatch concept into a platform for established AND up-and-coming artists.

Now I would hardly consider myself an artist (really more of a pixel pusher), but I know my way around Photoshop and  understand the principles of design well enough to produce something that one might misconstrue as art. And that is exactly what is featured above in Proof of Concept 1/4 – No. 000017.

Featured below, you will find Proof of Concept 2-4 as well. They’re intended to be increasingly accessible to NFT collectors. The second in the series will have a mint run of 50, the third 100, and the fourth will be an open edition.

Offered as an extremely limited edition (only 25 will ever be minted), Proof of Concept 1/4 – No. 000017 is the exemplar of what we hope will eventually be many collaborations in the future.

What’s in it for the artist?

Our thinking is that a Crypto Swatch would be an excellent platform for artists to get their name out in the NFT space. Perhaps the piece of work we feature on the crypto swatch would be a sketch of a finished piece that you are selling independently elsewhere. The crypto swatch would be like a trading card version of it that reaches thousands instead of a small few who can afford gas fees on ETH let alone high dollar sales costs.

Also, we’d pay out ALL proceeds from initial sales to the artist.

If you are an artist, and you’d like to collaborate with us, hit us up on Twitter @cryptoswatches. If you’re not an artist, you should still follow us to be the first to know when we drop new crypto swatches.

Crypto Swatch - Proof of Concept 1/4

max supply: 25
cost: 15 WAX

Crypto Swatch - Proof of Concept 2/4

max supply: 50
cost: 10 WAX

Crypto Swatch - Proof of Concept 3/4

max supply: 100
cost: 3 WAX

Crypto Swatch - Proof of Concept 4/4

max supply:
cost: 1 WAX

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